Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bad Weather or Bad Drivers?

I have been appalled the past couple of days at the absolutely abysmal level of driving ability I have witnessed on out roads. I suppose too I would have to say there has been a great deal of stupidity.
Here are some of the things I have seen:-

People who have only cleared a small area on their front windscreen - how can you see to drive if your side windows are covered in snow and ice? Isn't this dangerous driving or at the very least driving without due care?

People who do not clear the snow from their lights - what is the point of having them on if no one can see them because they are covered with snow?

People who are frightened of driving in the snow and as a consequence drive at around two miles an hour - this is partly responsible for some of the hold ups, especially on roads that have been well gritted and are reasonably normal, and  could lead other drivers to take risks overtaking them out of sheer frustration.

People who get stuck and then stick the car in first gear and hit the accelerator pedal causing their wheels to spin - second gear and low revs is far better, remember the tortoise and the hare (slow and steady wins the race).

People walking in the road to avoid falling on footpaths - what happens if a car hits a patch of ice and loses control? I would rather risk falling on the footpath than being hit by a car!!

People walking in the road and pushing babies in buggies - words fail me.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What a Payne!

Detail of an original George Cruikshank engrav...Image via Wikipedia
I have just been out looking for Fagin and Bill Sykes and Bullseye after reading the latest letter in the Express and Star from Ian Payne. I do wonder does he live in  a different world to me?
While it may be that Walsall is not perfect it is not the terrible place that Ian Payne would have us believe in his latest letter to the local press. He writes almost as if Walsall matched the London of Oliver Twist with all it warts and associated bad things.
If he thinks the place is so bad he could always depart for that wonderful place called Lichfield that he seems to think is far better or he could of course go even further where he would be out of range of our local papers.
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