Monday, 21 September 2009

Patriotism - why not?

I have just read a letter in our local paper in which the writer is saying we should be more patriotic and I do have to say I agree with the thought completely. I think part of the reason the writer is writing is the Last Night of the Proms which of course features many of the really well known stirring tunes from Britain - Land of hope and glory, Jerusalem, Rule Britannia, Fantasia on British sea songs etc. I was looking at a CD the other day which featured these and many other great tunes and I thought I would like this to play in the car and sing along to.
I often look at news items on TV from various places around the world and notice how fervently patriotic the majority of people are - why can't we be like this? Why do we have to worry so much about what other people think? Do other people care what we think? Yesterday I saw a number of cars carrying large Pakistani flags as young men celebrated Eid Mubarrak and their roots. It didn't bother me at all and I don't think anybody else I saw was bothered either, but if I were to drive round with a large Union Flag hanging off my car I am sure someone would accuse me of being racist.
While I am not anti Royal the only thing I would say is we could do with changing our National Anthem and going for something with a bit more life in it or at least jazzing up the present tune so it has a bit of go in it.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Now there's a question to pose - what? It could mean almost anything! It could be a question that is single or multi faceted. It really is pretty open ended and it might be that my reader could think of a few what's of their own, but here are one or two that I thought I might pose this morning just before I get ready to go back to work.
What is happening with the weather? We should still be getting some sunshine and warmth but as I look out of the window it is another dull fairly cool day (12.5 degrees according to the thermometer in my car).
What has happened to indicators on cars? Do they not put them on cars now or have drivers lost the ability to reach out to that little stalk on the steering column and just move it up or down.
What is happening to me as I get older and suffer road rage on an almost daily basis as I see the idiotic antics of some drivers?
Why do kids scream so much? I live next to a park and the past week or so there have been a number of occasions when you could easily think a child was being murdered if the amount and level of screaming is anything to go by. The sad thing is if someone was really in trouble we would not know and would probably ignore them.
Now this may be something unique to the area I live in but here goes - why do very young children stand on window ledges apparently unattended by parents and often with the window open (an accident waiting to happen). Sorry that was a why instead of a what but it is still a good question.
What has happened to taking NO for an answer? I had a young man knock my door yesterday from Talk Talk who was trying to get me to change my telephone supplier - I ended up having to be almost rude to him to get the message across that I was quite happy with my current supplier who has served me well for many years.
Well there's a few things to be going on with and I notice that time is getting on so I better get ready to go to work.