Tuesday, 8 February 2011

It's a fair cop!

I have noted with interest the stories over the last few days about the reduction in police officers that we can expect as the recession continues to bite. It is I believe a sad fact of life that they are just some of many who will be part of cutbacks and reductions but at what cost?
It is true to say that many organisations are expecting workers to do more with less as workforces dwindle through all sorts of reasons and then wonder why when stress levels go up and people start being off work with stress related illness. Perhaps the reductions in staff are a sort of false economy when this happens.
It seems to me that there is little hope for those people who are seeking work when all we seem to hear is job cuts - perhaps a radical solution needs to be found to address some of the issues of unemployment - how about working a three day week and having a four day weekend - sounds good to me!