Friday, 9 April 2010

A month of boredom

Well the inevitable is happening - the country is going to the polls on 6th May as very widely predicted and expected by most of us.

I have noticed in conversation at work that already people are fed up with the blanket coverage being given to the election and of course we will have to suffer a month of this. I had thought of writing to my local evening newspaper and asking them if they could declare one day a week election free to give us a little respite. I suspect the proverbial snowball in hell would have a better chance of success thought.

I have no doubt there will be much said again about the apathy of the voters but perhaps if there was a way to register a non vote because we were unhappy with all the mainstream parties we might get a bigger turn out. As it stands the only was to do this is vote for a fringe party or ruin the ballot paper - perhaps a party proposing this idea would get my vote and lots of other peoples and who knows the turnout might soar.