Wednesday, 27 January 2010

What a light mess!

Well I see Walsall Council are struggling with what is truth again! On one hand the Cabinet Member for leisure tells us Walsall Illuminations has finished for good and on the other hand the Leader of the Council denies it!
Who do we believe?
What is the truth!?
Why has the Cabinet member resigned?
Did he trip or was he pushed?
I don't know the answer to any of these questions but then I bet Walsall Council don't either!! I can just see the leader saying to the cabinet member 'another light mess you've gotten me into'!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Darkness falls on Walsall.

It was with mixed feelings I read the news tonight that the Walsall Illuminations have ended for good. I have attended for many years more that the 25 I have lived in Walsall and most years went twice - once near the beginning and once near the end. In the last few years as prices have gone up and the quality of the lights has gone down we reduced to once a year and in fact last year i was asked on the way out what I thought - I reckon the young lady wished she hadn't asked as I related very politely my thoughts on how rubbish the show had been, how poor the laser show had been and hoe inept the so called entertainers had been and on top of that there were areas of the park that usually had lights that didn't.
The night we went we walked round without and hold up at all and even getting in and out was done with no queues. I have gone in the past when almost any night there would be a queue some distance up Broadway North and even into Arboretum Road.
I know a number of people who worked on the lights and related my thoughts to them and they said it was no good saying anything because no one listened to them, and they doubted whether any notice was taken of the public feedback that was gathered on the gate during the lights.
The lights are gone but hopefully will not be forgotten.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Time for a rant!!

Much has been written in the past few days about the weather and it would seem that some people think it is a really bad winter just because we have three or four cold snowy days - not sure I agree as I don't think it is as bad as some would have us believe.
Anyway all that aside I am fed up of the total idiots who risk both their own lives and everybody else's by their total stupidity. Here is a list of the Things that have raise my ire in the past few days:
* People who do not de-ice their car windows before driving.
* People who de-ice their car windows but only with a peep hole.
* People who only de-ice their front windscreen but not the side or rear.
* People who do not clear the snow off their car lights which means you often can not see their lights.
* Pedestrians who walk in the road instead of on the footpaths - I think the latter is far safer however bad the footpaths are.
* Cyclists who are now riding on the roads instead of the footpaths but have NO LIGHTS!
* Cyclists who while riding on the road TOTALLY IGNORE RED TRAFFIC SIGNALS (I have seen four this morning while taking family members to work)
* Drivers who insist on tail gating the vehicle in front - very dodgy at any time but more so in these conditions.
* Drivers who are terrified of these weather conditions and consequently drive at 2 mph.
* Drivers who have no clue how to drive in this weather - leave your car at home and use the bus!

Well I think that's enough as I am just about to go off and see how many more idiots I can spot on my journey to work!